Thursday, 29 September 2016

Key criteria to select a Country for Study Abroad

a) Education systems/style- Every country has its own style of education, sometimes it is industry or practical oriented, which is more depend on the case studies and several live projects in the industry. Somewhere it is completely theoretical. So select the country accordingly to fulfil your study abroad dream.

b) Government Sponsored scholarship opportunities- Several countries like United Kingdom, Netherlands award scholarships to the International students. Similarly, your own country also offers scholarships to the students who are going to study in a particular country. Therefore, do proper research, or take any experienced abroad educational consultant’s help before selecting overseas study destination.

c)  Language – Country’s language is one of the most vital things, we should consider before starting our International education. If English is not commonly used then it is really hard to spend day to day life without knowing their local language. That is the reason why Indian students always prefer to start his/her global education in an English speaking country.

d)  Job prospects in that country- Job prospects for International Students in that country is an important aspect to look into. Do proper research or take any abroad educational consultant’s help to know about the past students.

e)  Visa after completion of course- Several countries does not provide visa after completion of courses. Therefore, International students may not get time to search the job. So be careful about that too. 

f)  Density of International students - More intensity of International students means more favourable country for you as an International student.  

g)  Cost of Living- Funding is a big issue for international students while studying abroad. Lots of talented students have to shatter their study abroad dreams due to lack of funding. Several kinds of cost are involved while studying abroad, university fees, printing stationary, books, accommodation costs, Food, Gas/Electricity, transportation, Internet etc. Do research on approximate costs or consult an experienced overseas educational consultant to get an idea about that. 

h)   Part-time job availability- It is not possible to avail full scholarship always in overseas education. In that case, students have to do part-time job inside or outside the campus. Some country allows international students to work for 20 hours a week others many not allow. So check this information beforehand, if you do not get a full international scholarship.

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